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No change to the Committee - 6 June 2023

There were no changes to the Management Committee when a sparsely-attended Annual General Meeting met on Tuesday. The same ten people continue to represent the members of the Committee going forward.

For the first time in several years there were some changes made to the Club's Rules. These, in general, gave additional powers to the Management Committee and took away from general meetings any decisions concerning the fees structure of the Club. The financial rules were also updated to bring the banking processes up to date.

The meeting also adopted the Annual Report written by Club Secretary Graham Trimming. In the 15-page document, Graham covered all aspects of the Club's activities and paid tribute to the volunteers who assist the club on a daily basis. He reported a successful season in which the bounce-back from the pandemic was complete, great results from several of the Club's teams, the first Cippenham Women & Girls' Open and the huge success of the pre-Christmas Festive Evening.

The Club is now fifty years old and will celebrate with a special evening on Thursday 8 June.

As Treasurer, Graham also presented the Financial Statements which showed a surplus over the past twelve months of operation.

The full Management Committee comprises:

Ken Phillips (Chairman/ Coaching Officer)

Graham Trimming (General Secretary/Treasurer)

Elena Tant (Deputy Chairman/Bookings Officer)

Martin Adams

Keith Hall

Sue Hayes

Elroy Hull

Steve Piercey

Sunjay Thakker

Dave Tant

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