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TTE presentation to Sue Hayes - 28 January 2024

Sally Hughes, a recently appointed director of Table Tennis England and a major influencer for female participation in the sport, was on hand at the Cippenham Women & Girls' Open on Sunday to make a long-awaited presentation to Sue Hayes. This was all to do with the 2022 Pride of Table Tennis Awards, decided in March 2023, and was a special award from the panel for Sue's contribution to table tennis over a great many years. The nomination for Sue was made by the Buckinghamshire County Table Tennis Association for which Sue is currently General Secretary and National Councillor. Of course, we know Sue better for her quarter of a century help in making Cippenham the club it is today with her selfless work in coaching, event organisation and refereeing, and general administration. In addition to that, all four of Sue and Jim's offspring, that is David, Catherine, Rebecca and Naomi, have served as weekday duty officers when they were in their teens,

Sue comes from a table tennis family - both her parents were England international players and son David played for Ireland in the World Championships a decade or so ago.

Well done, Sue, richly deserved!

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