There is an extensive weekend programme of events at Cippenham Table Tennis Centre. These include open tournaments organized by the Club, other events organized by the Club on behalf of Table Tennis England such as Senior British League, National Junior League and National Cadet League. There are also hosted events such as the County Championships plus events run by other associations and leagues to whom the Centre is hired.

We operate a database of players who would like to receive entry forms for open tournaments at Cippenham. If you would like to be added to this database, please click on the link below and complete the simple online form.

Tournaments at Cippenham for season 2021-22

  • 4-Star Junior Open: 2-day event: cadets on Saturday; juniors on Sunday. Groups of 3 then championship and consolation knock-outs

  • Super 6 1-Star events - one senior and one veterans. Maximum of 48 players accommodated so that there will be groups of 6 players on 8 tables, then straight into championship and consolation knock-outs.

  • Five by Two 1-Star event - two age groups per day -senior/veteran. Groups of 5 players then straight into championship and consolation knock-outs.

  • Young Players’ Festival - two-day event, essentially a “double 5 by 2”, in the summer. Age groups: U12, U14, U16 and U18.

  • Team Open - teams of two played in the progressive knock-out system. Maximum entry of 24 teams, all one whom play throughout the day until places 1 through 24 are decided. Always a very popular event.

Forthcoming events

Sat 28 May 2022: Cippenham 5x2 Senior & Veterans' 1-Star Open

Sun 19 Jun 2022: Level 1 coach education course (day 1)

Sat/Sun 25/26 Jun 2022: Cippenham Young Players' Summer Fest.

Sun 31 Jul 2022: Level 1 coach education course (day 2)

Dates for Season 2021-22

Saturday/Sunday 4/5 December 2021: Cippenham Junior 4-Star Open

Sunday 27 February 2022: Cippenham Team 1-Star Open

Saturday 30 April 2022: Cippenham Super 6 Senior 1-Star Open

Saturday 28 May 2022: Cippenham Five by Two Senior & Veterans' 1-Star Open

Saturday/Sunday 25/26 June 2022: Cippenham Young Players' Summer Festival (1-star open)

TBC: Cippenham Super 6 Veterans' 1-Star Open



Saturday 28 May 2022

Cippenham 5x2 Senior & Veteran 1-Star Open

Two events: veterans (am); seniors (pm)

Preliminary round in groups of five followed by championship and consolation knock-out rounds