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National Cadet League Day 3 - 7 January 2024

Day 3 of the National Cadet League was played on Sunday and the Cippenham A team of Bharath and Sai Prasanna Kumar together with Aarav Seth finished in their customary position of second in Division 1, a place they have occupied after all three sessions to date. However, the B team, after finishing second in Division 5 last time, just before Christmas, fell from grace and finished last and will therefore drop down into Division 6 when the competition concludes in March.

Bharath won eight of his nine matches while brother Sai won seven times as Cippenham A beat Rosehill and Graham Spicer B both 6-3 but lost to divisional leaders Graham Spicer A 3-6. Unfortunately, Aarav has yet to register a win this season and we hope he can break this duck in the final session.

The B team really fell apart this time, losing all three matches to Kingfisher E 3-6, Chiltern C 2-7 and Bourne End Junior Sports Club A 1-8. Daniel Brazil won three of his nine matches while Christopher Farrel won twice and Yaseen Abdelbary once.

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