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Club Championships Day 3 - 11 May 2023

Day 3 of the Club Championships saw a very impressive entry of twenty-six players contest the blue riband event, the Open Singles. A familiar pattern is emerging and that is the Club's younger players are coming to the fore and sweeping away the honours. Two weeks previously, the Open Doubles final was contested between two junior pairs and the principle followed in the singles event with the final being played between two 16-year olds in Jamie Woodford and Rachael Iles. The top prize was secured by Jamie but only after a titanic five-game set that saw him get over the line 11-8 in the deciding game. Third and fourth places were contested between Michal Garski and Anna Piercey with the thirty-something Michal beating Anna, another 16 year-old, over four games.

The twenty-six players were split in stage one into two events, with finishing positions one to thirteen established in each. The winners of the two events then played the overall final with the runners-up playing for third and fourth positions. Each of the stage one events was also split into four groups with the group winners being Michal Garski, Sarika Paradkar, Jamie Woodford, Bas Mocharrafie, Igor Liiko, Rachael Iles, Anna Piercey and nine-years old Sai Prasanna Kumar.

In what were effectively quarter-final matches Michal easily beat Sarika, Jamie took four games to eliminate Bas, Rachael beat Igor 3-0 and Anna had little difficulty overcoming Sai. Like the final itself, the two semi-finals were closely-fought affairs, both finishing 11-8 in the fifth with Jamie overcoming Michal and Rachael coming from behind to defeat Anna.

The final event, the Junior Singles, has been deferred until later in the summer when the likely participants will have completed their school exams.

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