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Maidenhead League - 13 April 2023

Congratulations to the Cippenham Trojans team of Maciej Dlugozima, Hari Prasad, Bas Mocharrafie, Chris Collins and Sue Hayes who have clinched the title of the Maidenhead League. This year it was an exciting three-horse race between two Cippenham teams and New Windsor Community Association (NWCA). NWCA had led the table virtually all season but the title was really opened up when they were beaten 7-3 by Cippenham Saxons a month or so ago. However, the title was finally decided when Cippenham Trojans and NWCA met twice, in re-arranged matches, this week and Trojans won both highly competitive matches 6-4. In doing so, Trojans pushed NWCA down into third place and secured the runners-up position for Saxons. Saxons were represented by Alan Moss, Igor Liiko, Albert Cheung and Graham Trimming.

This is the twelfth time that a Cippenham team has won the Maidenhead League and the fifth in a row. For Maciej and Hari it was their second success, having also won it in the Covid-curtailed season of 2019-20. For Bas, Chris and Sue, it is a first title.

Maciej has had an incredible season, win all forty-four of his matches in the League and both the open titles in singles and doubles, the latter in tandem with Hari, at the Maidenhead Closed Championships.

For good measure, the Cippenham Scoundrels team of Bharath Prasanna Kumar, Peter Chipperton, Steve Piercey and Sunjay Thakker have won Division Two and the Cippenham Titans team will secure second place if they win their one remaining match.

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