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Junior British League 2nd Weekend - 10-11 February 2018

Only Megan shines

The Cippenham girls’ team completed their season in the Junior British League over the weekend with another series of defeats that left them bottom of Division Three. Their solitary point of the season came in the penultimate match when they held divisional champions XLNT Draycott 3 to a 3-3 draw. Megan Ashfield was the star of this show as she was throughout the weekend, the one bright spot for Cippenham being Megan’s performances in winning six of her ten matches.

Throughout the weekend there were several close games that the Cippenham girls just fell short in, otherwise the overall result of the weekend might have been a little better.

Cippenham started with a 5-1 defeat to Burton Uxbridge 4 with Megan’s win against the opponents’ number one player, Natasha Johnson, being the highlight. However, Holly Long and Megan both lost close matches in the fifth game. Megan and Anna-Maria Besarabova both claimed victories in the following match against Greenhouse Academy 2 but the final result went 4-2 in the London’s club’s favour. Saturday’s play concluded with another 5-1 defeat, this time at the hands of Bribar St Neots.

Sunday began much brighter with that 3-3 draw with Draycott. Megan’s brace, against Molly Hancock and Erin Green, was backed up by a win for Anna-Maria, also against Hancock. Megan continued her good work in the final match against Ormesby but her two wins over Eve Witterick and Rana Rassem were not, this time, backed up and Cippenham slipped to a 4-2 defeat.

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