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Maidenhead League champions - 31 May 2020

Cippenham Trojans declared Maidenhead League champions

The Maidenhead League has decided that it is going to be impossible to complete the league season 2019-20. Luckily, the Division One title had already been secured and so Cippenham Trojans have been declared champions. Congratulations to team captain Ricky Hardcastle and Maciej ("Magic") Dlugozima supported by Hari Prasad, Anthony Gardner and Michal Garski. Ricky, Maciej and Hari also finished in the top three places in the averages in the whole league.

This completes a hat-trick of titles for Cippenham teams over the past three years and a total of ten Maidenhead League titles altogether. Cippenham also won the Slough League a record 24 times before that league wound up in 2010.

Cippenham Saxons team had also already secured runners-up position and so congratulations also to Oli and Ashley Shaw, Albert Cheung and Graham Trimming.

Unfortunately, the same was not true for Divisions Two and Three and, even though Cippenham teams were in pole positions to win both divisions, they had not accumulated enough points to make their titles a certainty. Quite likely, this has prevented Cippenham from winning all three divisions in the same season for the first time.

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