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Jyothi and Randall join Committee - 11 June 2024

Two new members were elected to the Management Committee at the Annual General meeting, bringing the number up to a record thirteen members. All the existing eleven members were re-elected and the two newcomers are Jyothi Puttaswamy and Randall Rodrigues. Jyothi will be well known to weekend visitors to the Club as she is often on hand to provide refreshments, a task which she has been performing at SBL, NJL and NCL days for a couple of years. Randall plays in one of the Club's teams in the Maidenhead League. and a regular at Club practice sessions. We hope they both enjoy an interesting and rewarding time on the Club's Committee.

Two of the existing Management Committee members took on hitherto vacant officer roles. Sue Hayes, a vastly experience administrator over about three decades, took on the role of Events Officer and will mastermind the Club's programme of open tournaments. Martin Adams, our SBL captain, took on the additional role of Social Officer, a role he has been working towards with his successful organization of social events over the past couple of years.

The meeting also adopted the Annual Report written by Club Secretary Graham Trimming. In the 16-page document, Graham covered all aspects of the Club's activities and paid tribute to the volunteers who assist the club on a daily basis. He reported on the 50th anniversary celebrations last summer, success of many of the Club's teams in various competitions, the continued growth in numbers at practice and coaching sessions and heralded the newly-crowned national Under-10 Boys' Singles champion, Sai Prasanna Kumar.

As Treasurer, Graham also presented the Financial Statements which showed a deficit over the past twelve months of operation.

The full Management Committee comprises:

Ken Phillips (Chairman/Coaching Officer)

Graham Trimming (General Secretary/Treasurer)

Elena Tant (Deputy Chairman/Bookings Officer)

Martin Adams (Social Officer)

Sue Hayes (Events Officer)

Keith Hall

Elroy Hull

Tim Kiteley

Steve Piercey

Jyothi Puttaswamy

Randall Rodrigues

Sunjay Thakker

Dave Tant

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