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Cippenham invest in floor cleaning machine - 8 February 2017

An end to the slippery floor?

Since replacing the floor in the playing hall in January 2016, Cippenham Table Tennis Club has been plagued by bouts of slipperiness that were not experienced with the earlier floor which had lasted nearly twenty years. A really good clean during the Easter weekend last year saw the trend reversed and the floor then became quite tacky. However, some slipperiness soon re-appeared, presumably caused by settling dust.

The Club has recently invested £1,500 in a powerful electric floor cleaner. A trial was held last night and the machine works well. Over the next week or so the floor will receive a thorough clean, more than once if necessary, and it is hoped that this will rid the Club of this particular ailment for good, returning the premises to the state previous enjoyed and required to host the many prestigious events held throughout the season at one of Table Tennis England’s most favoured venues.

The photos show Megan Ashfield and Dave Tant setting the machine to work yesterday evening.

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