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Club Championships Day 3 - 17 May 2022

The Club Championships continued on Tuesday evening with the Open Singles which ultimately was dominated by two juniors. The thirteen contestants were initially arranged into four groups and the top seeds from each group made it through to the semi-finals without too much trouble. That is, all apart from Alan Moss, who did make it through, but only after beating Anna Piercey 11-8 in the fifth and deciding game after Anna had held match point in the fourth. In this "group of death", much stronger than any of the other three groups, Alan also beat Graham Trimming 3-1 while Graham enjoyed a similar result against Anna. Maciej Dlugozima, winner of his two previous events at this year's Club Championship, also made it through in the other groups along with Shae Thakker and Rachael Iles.

In their semi-finals, Shae, who is still a junior, beat Maciej 3-0 while Rachael won a ding-ding battle with Alan at 11-9 in the fifth. Shae showed his class with a 11-3, 11-7, 11-3 victory over Rachael, currently ranked fifth in England cadet girls, in the final.

Graham easily came top of those placed second in their groups, as did Anna amongst the third-placed players.

Top eight:

1. Shae Thakker

2. Rachael Iles

3. Maciej Dlugozima

4. Alan Moss

5. Graham Trimming

6. Qasim Hussain

7. Jaroslaw Skowera

8. Bharath Prasanna-Kumar

Last up: tonight, Wednesday 18 May for the Junior Singles.

Thanks are due to Elena and Dave Tant for running the event.

Footnote: congratulations to our two star young lady players who have both broken into the top 100 of England senior women: Rachael at 70 and Anna at 94.

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