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Annual General Meeting - 5 June 2018

Presentation made to Graham at AGM

The 2018 Annual General Meeting attracted fewer members than usual. Club Secretary Graham Trimming presented his annual report which highlighted the two prestigious awards made to our Chairman Ken Phillips during the year. Graham also congratulated the Cippenham Saxons team for winning the Maidenhead League championship but remarked that, on the table, this was otherwise a less successful year.

However, there was much else to be pleased about, especially the continued use of our purpose-built venue for national competitions and the near capacity level of entries into the Club's open tournament programme.

Financially, Graham, as Treasurer, reported that what, at first glance, looked like a poor year, was, in fact, very satisfactory with the large deficit being attributed to one factor only - our share of the cost of repairs to the flat roof above the amenities block. Graham reported that the club remains in a very healthy position financially and that the financial model currently in use continues to serve the club extremely well.

During the evening, Graham was presented with an award from Table Tennis England "Pride of Table Tennis" for Contribution to Table Tennis for the South Region.

The elections for the Management Committee resulted in the following:

Chaiman: Ken Phillips

Deputy Chairman: Sue Hayes

General Secretary: Graham Trimming

Treasurer: Graham Trimming

Bookings Officer: Elena Tant

Management Committee members: Keith Hall; Bas Mocharrafie; Dave Tant

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