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Annual General Meeting - 6 June 2017

AGM hears of need for more volunteers

Another successful year was reported to the members of the Club at the Annual General Meeting.

The highlights, this season, were not so much on but off the table with individuals being honoured both locally and nationally. However, there were individual highlights in the playing arena with Shae Thakker and Josh Bennett both winning international events.

General Secretary Graham Trimming praised the volunteers, despite their diminishing numbers, who had contributed enormously to the Club’s success and Chairman Ken Phillips added that he was constantly made aware of the great reputation that the Club enjoyed as he travelled the country.

Both Ken and Graham highlighted the need for additional volunteers to step up if the Club is going to be able to maintain its current levels of activity let alone expand into new initiatives.

Simon Vine, who will not be around the Slough area next year, resigned from the Management Committee but the other seven members were all duly re-elected and Keith Hall and Elroy Hull were also elected, numerically boosting the Committee by one.

The Management Committee elections resulted in:

Chairman: Ken Phillips

Deputy Chairman: Sue Hayes

General Secretary: Graham Trimming

Treasurer: Graham Trimming

Bookings Officer: Elena Tant

Coaching Officer: Ken Phillips

Events Officer: Naomi Hayes

Ordinary Committee members: Keith Hall; Elroy Hull; Bas Mocharrafie; Dave Tant

The positions of Club Captain, Social Officer and Public Relations Officer remained unfilled.

Other positions, reporting to the above officers, will be appointed at the next meeting of the Management Committee.

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