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Club Championships Day 2 - 10 May 2022

The Club Championships continued on Tuesday evening with the Open Doubles. Day 2 saw five pairs playing a round-robin - all play all.

The closest match came in round two when Shae Thakker and Milton Makris beat the Maidenhead Closed runners-up Alan Moss and Graham Trimming. This match was decided 11-9 in the fifth and effectively ended the latter's chance of a medal position. Shae showed why he was the best player in the competition with a series of devastating shots while Milton, who does not play league table tennis, surpassed himself with great control and some important defensive returns. 

The overall winners of the competition were Maciej Dlugozima and Chris Collins. For Maciej this has been a "magic" season winning both the singles and doubles titles at the Maidenhead Closed and capturing the Cippenham veterans' title last week. Can he complete the clean sweep with the Cippenham Open Singles title next week? Few would bet against this. Maciej and Chris beat Alan and Graham 3-0, but two of the games were decided 13-11. In the final round of matches there was effectively a final, as Maciej and Chris faced up to Shae and Milton. On this occasion, Maciej and Chris were just too strong although the scores were close.

Alan and Graham secured third place with Lawrence Harvey and Lucie Bouron fourth and Tony Jackson and Qasim Hussain fifth.

Next up: Tuesday 17 May for the Open Singles with the Junior Singles the following day.

Thanks are due to Elena Tant for running the event.

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