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National Junior League Day 1 - 7 October 2023

The National Junior League got underway at Cippenham on Saturday and proved to be very successful for the host club's three teams.

Cippenham A lead the way in Division 1 while the B team are only two places below in the same division. Cippenham C head up Division 6. Three of Cippenham's nine players are from one family, Prasanna Kumar. Bharath and Sai were both very successful for the first team while older brother Arjun was equally successful for the C team. Helping Bharath and Sai was Matthew Ley who tuned in the day's best performance with eight wins from his nine matches on his Cippenham debut. Bharath won six times and Sai five.

Jack Dennis was the star for the B team, winning seven of his nine matches while Ankush Srinivas did similarly for the C team while, with six wins, his team-mate Arman Hafeez was only one short.

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