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Junior British League 1st Weekend - 23-24 September 2017

Tough weekend for girls

It proved to be a tough weekend for the Cippenham girls’ team as the Junior British League got underway at Derby. Only Jemma Walker provided much resistance to opponents in Division 3 as Cippenham lost all five matches and find themselves placed bottom of the table after the first half of the season.

A 6-0 thrashing at the hands of Burton Uxbridge 4 in the opening fixture showed a taste of what was to follow but this was immediately followed by Cippenham’s best display of the weekend. Jemma and Anna-Maria Besarabova both beat Reem Rassem in a 4-2 defeat against Ormesby, a result characterised by both Anna-Maria and Holly Long losing deciding games to Issy Doyle. Saturday’s matches finished with a 5-1 defeat to Bribar St Neots with Jemma’s win against Iyssa Lacorte the only highlight for Cippenham.

That left the two highest placed teams in the division to play on Sunday and both these matches finished in 5-1 defeats for Cippenham, firstly against XLNT Draycott 3 and then against Greenhouse Academy 2 in the final match of the weekend. Jemma won once in each of these two matches but her teammates, who also included Carys Evans, were not able to add to her tally.

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