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National Junior League Day 1 - 15 October 2022

The new season of the National Junior League is underway. Cippenham is again hosting all four days of the competition with twenty-four teams, including four from the host club, operating across six divisions with promotion and relegation between each division at the end of each day.

Cippenham's four teams have initially been placed in divisions 2, 4, 5 and 6.

The Cippenham A team finished the first day in third place in Division 2 with 13 points out of a possible 27. Ashford B were beaten 7-2 while the team suffered two defeats, each by 6-3, to Guildford A and divisional winners Bourne End JSC A. Edward Meacock was the most successful player with five wins from six, while George Driscoll won half of his six, Nick Carter four out of nine and Louis Alexander one from six.

Cippenham B finished second in Division 4 having beaten Bourne End JSC B 6-3 and Ashford D 5-4 but suffered a 6-3 reverse against Hillingdon. Charlie Cook won five out of six, Samuel Wolfenden three out of six, Ankush Srinivas four from nine and Rishi Nanda two of his six matches.

The C team lost all three of their matches: 5-4 to Ashford E, 6-3 to Guildford B and 8-1 to Chiltern C and consequently are bottom of Division 5 and face relegation for day 2. Bharath Prasanna Kumar was the most successful player, winning six of his nine matches, while his much younger brother Sai won twice but older brother Arjun failed to score in his only team match, i.e. three singles, and Cameron Fyfe likewise from six.

Cippenham D finished third in Division 6 despite winning two of their three matches. The wins were against Ashford F 6-3 and Chiltern D 5-4 but they recorded an 8-1 loss against Chiltern F. Arjun Prasanna Kumar was unbeaten in the match against Chiltern D, before being promoted to the C team, while Mateusz Skowera won half of his individual matches and Aryan Sharma, Reeyan Sharma and Aarav Seth all won a third of theirs.

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