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National Junior League Day 2 - 18 November 2023

With three players dropping out in the week leading up to the second day of the National Junior League, teams' organiser Ken Phillips was left with a huge headache. Two of the missing players were from the Cippenham B team operating in the top division. Ankush Srinivas was elevated from the C team to take one of those places and the other was filled by Daniel Brazil. However, this resulted in a very weak and inexperienced team for such a high division and they consequently lost all their matches 9-0 and face relegation to Division 2 next time around.

With Ankush promoted and another player unavailable, Christopher Farrall was drafted in to team up with Arjun Prasanna Kumar and Aryan Sharma in the third team. They acquitted themselves reasonably well despite finishing bottom of the four team division in which the top and bottom teams were separated by only three points. The team even had the distinction of winning one of its matches and, ironically, that was against Ashford B, the divisional leaders. Arjun did well to win seven of his nine individual matches, while Aryan won four and Christopher one out of six.

The A team, however, were not affected by the lack of players and the same trio who had won Division 1 first time around were present to do battle again. This time they had to give second-best to Graham Spicer A who won the division by six points. Matthew Ley and Sai Prasanna Kumar both won six of their nine matches while Sai's brother Bharath won five times.

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