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Sue and Sunjay join the Committee - 19 July 2021

For the first time in over two years, Cippenham Table Tennis Club was able to hold its Annual General Meeting on 19th July. A small attendance, socially distanced, met to receive the Annual Report and elect a new Management Committee. That Committee then met afterwards to forge a way forward into the forthcoming season.

Julia Piercey retired as Events Officer only to be replaced by her husband Steve. Sue Hayes made a welcome return to the Committee after a couple of years' absence while Sunjay Thakker was elected for the first time.

The full Management Committee comprises:

Ken Phillips (Chairman/ Coaching Officer)

Graham Trimming (General Secretary/Treasurer)

Elena Tant (Deputy Chairman/Bookings Officer)

Steve Piercey (Events Officer)

Keith Hall

Sue Hayes

Elroy Hull

Sunjay Thakker

Dave Tant

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