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Club Championships Day 1 - 20 April 2023

The 2023 Club Championships got underway on Tuesday with the veterans' Singles and the Tweenies' Singes, the latter being a special event for those players aged between junior and veteran age groups. Twenty players took part overall with the largest entry being for the older age category.

Unsurprisingly, the Veterans' Singles was by by Maciej Dlugozima who has carried all before him in local competitions this season, spearheading his Cippenham Trojans team to the Maidenhead League title with a personal unbeaten record. Maciej faced his team-mate Hari Prasad in the semi-final and won 3-0, just as he did against Elroy Hull in the final. Elroy, however, had a real fight in his semi-final and had to recover from two games down to beat Keith hall in the battle between two left-handers.

The Tweenies' Singles produced a much more competitive final between the two outstanding players in the field. Eventually, Michal Garski was the victor against Parminder Sigh who has enjoyed an outstanding season for NWCA in the Maidenhead League.

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