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Annual General Meeting - 4 June 2019

Another successful year reported to AGM

The 2019 Annual General Meeting attracted only a small number of members. Club Secretary Graham Trimming presented his annual report and spoke of a successful year and one that was much better on the table than the previous year. He highlighted the runners-up position of the Club's team in their division of the Senior British League and the double of titles in Divisions One and Two of the Maidenhead League. Special note was made of Rachael Iles' runners-up position in the Under-12 National Cup.

Graham also highlighted an increase in membership and the greater publicity that the more successful teams had brought to the club with coverage in the local newspapers up by 25% and a record number (73) of photographs.

However, there was much else to be pleased about, especially the continued use of our purpose-built venue for national competitions and the near capacity level of entries into the Club's open tournament programme. The new website had proved successful as had the online sign-up for the Maidenhead League teams and entry forms for the Club's open tournaments.

Graham gave thanks to all those volunteers who had supported the Club during the past year and was given a vote of thanks himself. Later in the meeting a further vote of thanks was passed to the entire Management Committee of the Club.

Financially, Graham, as Treasurer, reported a surplus and explained that the Club's financial model was structured to give rise to a small surplus in "normal" years.

The elections for the Management Committee resulted in the following:

Chaiman: Ken Phillips

Deputy Chairman: Elena Tant

General Secretary: Graham Trimming

Treasurer: Graham Trimming

Bookings Officer: Elena Tant

Coaching Officer: Ken Phillips

Events Offiver: Julia Piercey

Management Committee members: Keith Hall; Elroy Hull; Bas Mocharrafie; Dave Tant

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