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Senior British League

Cippenham first entered the British League in 1981 as founder members of Division 3, just two years after the formation of this new league. After four seasons the Club resigned and did not take up its place again until 1997. This season, the Club has entered two teams and our first team has been promoted to National Division A-2 and our second team, comprising junior players, has been placed in National Division C-5.


Cippenham 1 - National Division A-2:

Martin Adams (capt.); Robert Hansell; Shae Thakker; Martin Gray; Steve Munson; Tom Windram

Cippenham 2 - National Division C-5:

William Saint; Jamie Woodford; Rachael Iles; Mia Lakhani; Jaiden Caldeira; Anna Piercey; Louis Alexander. NPC: Ken Phillips


30 September/1 October 2023

25/26 November 2023

9 December 2023

6/7 April 2024

All matches at Cippenham

REPORTS 2023-24
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