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Maidenhead League
Expression of Interest 2021-22



The Maidenhead League is currently trying to establish the number of teams and players who are likely to return for season 2021-22 supposing that all Covid-related restrictions are sufficiently relaxed by September to allow the League to resume.

The Maidenhead League is played on a weekly home and away basis on weekday evenings through the winter season, late September to March or early April. Teams are 3-a-side and matches consist of ten sets, usually lasting about three hours, 7:30 to 10:30 pm.

Please indicate below whether you are likely to want to play for Cippenham in the Maidenhead League next season. At present, this is for indicative purposes only, but it is nevertheless important that Cippenham TTC has a clear idea of the number of players likely to play so that the League can make the appropriate decisions about the format for next season.

Your response is important because it will help to inform the Maidenhead League whether there is sufficient interest for the League to resume.

Please indicate "yes" or "no" whether you will be likely to want to play for Cippenham in the Maidenhead league in season 2021-22

Thanks for submitting!

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